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Dec 09, 2014
NC Leader Sujata Koirala attends CHINDIAN conference at Macquarie University

 October 17 2013 – Sydney Australia
Former DPM and Foreign Minister of Nepal Hon. Sujata Koirala today attended a special conference in Macquarie University, Australia. She was invited as a Key note speaker by the Soft Power Research and Advocacy Centre (SPARC), Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University. She delivered her principle keynote address on "Indian and Chinese Soft Power".
The other Keynote speakers were Ambassador Kishan Rana from India and Prof. Li Xiguang from China. Hon. Peter Varghese AO, Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, was the guest speaker of the conference and he spoke on the topic called "Building Australia's Soft Power".

SPARC is the first dedicated research center associated with soft power and public diplomacy in Australia. The Center aims to enrich the study and practice of soft power as a vital tool in building future relations between nations, organizations and communities.

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